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To complement the beautiful and strategic location of Vista Brenthill, it also features a host of modern and luxurious facilities and amenities. When developing this project, the firm has decided to incorporate resort-like amenities to complement the desire of its residents to enjoy a place of solace in the heart of Baguio City. Whether you want to get something to perk you up to start your day or in need of relaxation when you come home at the end of the day, you will find everything you need in Vista Brenthill.

The amenities available in this condominium are designed to meet the leisure, interactive and social needs of its residents. Each facility is made up of generously spaced unit to ensure that there is room for everyone.

The first of the list of amenities is the Function Hall. It is located at the lower ground floor and provides a space for business and other events that will require a large venue to accommodate several people in one room. This Function Hall/Room is equipped with all of the essential features and equipment for business and personal use of the space. Within the same level, there is also an Amenity Garden. This is the ideal space for residents of this condominium to spend time in if they want to indulge in a green space, an oasis within this building. Hence, there is no need to step outside if you want to enjoy a place of solace to relax in. Aside from the amenity garden in the lower ground floor, there is also another amenity garden in the upper ground floor. If you would like to enjoy the view of Baguio City while enjoying a relaxing space, you can go to the roof deck garden. This area is open for all residents of Vista Brenthill in Baguio.

There is also a Sauna available within this condominium. Hence, residents that are keen on maintaining their health and fitness level can use this facility to stay in shape. Aside from the sauna, there is also a fitness gym in Vista Brenthill Baguio. This fitness gym is equipped with cardio workout machines, free weights, and other equipment you need to maintain your fitness routine. This fitness gym is open 24/7 so you can get your workout in whenever you have the time. The accessibility of the amenities are therefore available to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

If you are in search of a different type of workout, you can go to the swimming pool. The in-house swimming pool is the perfect place to practice your laps on or cool off during a hot summer day. This full-sized swimming pool is available for all residents to use whenever they want.

  • Sauna
  • Fitness Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Function Hall
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Whether you want convenience and luxury, Vista Brenthill amenities are available for residents to use. In addition, the condominium has its own dedicated property management team to oversee the daily services and needs of the residents. There is also upkeep and maintenance team to maintain the building features and perimeter grounds. Other basic services and amenities such as parking are available at the basement.

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